Star Trek Klingon Bathrobe

  • $66.99

This 100% cotton bath robe from Robe Factory is officially licensed and imitates everyone's favorite species in Star Trek, the klingons! One size fits most (adults).After they finish showering, Worf and all of the other Klingons like to use their favorite Star Trek Klingon Bathrobe as a way to keep warm and snuggly. And now, you can, too! This robe is perfect for any fan of the Star Trek series. And don't worry, emulation is the highest form of flattery, so the Klingons won't get upset at you for wearing their robe. The robe measures approximately 49-inches long, with 34-inch sleeves, and a waist up to 50-inches. One size fits most. Ages 13 and up.


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